Our Team

People, is a growing team of core power.

After years of unremitting efforts, we set up a hundred people from Hong Kong, overseas and across the country, composed of outstanding international interior designers and design team. Excitation of different cultural and educational backgrounds and integration mode of internationalization, so that our team is more diverse, more efficient, professional.

Our Philosophy
  1. Creativity is a habit, is a kind of enjoyment.
  2. We appreciate and pursuit of different beauty and search a better life.
  3. We have studied the lifestyle of different people, all worthy of study for us to cherish and enjoy the scene, we have filled the minds of a wide range of stories, memories of life with a wide range of fragment.
  4. Design can not remain unchanged, life needs the possibility of unlimited.
  5. We will not be confined to a particular style, not tied to a particular form, we are good at thinking of the original break, picked up, combined.
  6. In the design, we are concerned about the details about the materials and processes well.

Ricky Wong

Ricky Wong is a designer with more than 20 years of experience in architecture, interiors and product design. Based on the concept of “design brings infinite possibilities for life”, he excels at creating quality and creative space and products through utilization of modern approaches and rational thinking. Ricky established RWD in 1996 in Hong Kong and has been committed to mainland China market by setting up offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Under his leadership, the company with approximately 200 design experts has completed nearly 1000 projects among 20 cities and regions across the globe with the past 20 years. Ricky’s design and entrepreneurship have also received a wide recognition among the industry. The company was awarded as one of the “Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong” by MEDIAZONE, listed in “Top 100 Design Giants” by US Interior Design Magazine, “Top 10 Interior Design Practices” by CIDA and“100 Top Architecture and Design Talents in China” by Architectural Digest China. Works of RWD have been awarded by various influential design awards, including Gold Key Award, A’ Design Awards, German Design Awards, Design for Asia Awards, Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards, and Real Estate Design China Award, etc.

Executive Director

Fiona Wong

Fiona Wong, Joined RWD in 2001, she was promoted as director of operations in year of 2011, to support and supervision over the design team. She also develop a vision and strategic plan for the organization in conjunction with the board, oversees the organization’s financial accounts and budgeting. She has over 10 years of project supervision, project coordination and documentation, construction and supervision of administrative experience, a number of domestic large residential and hotel projects. Fiona is now working as the executive director in the company and responsible for construction standards and supports the operations management of the head-office in Hongkong and its domestic branch.

Executive Director

Stacy Tse

Stacy Tse, who has more than ten years’ interior design experience, joined Ricky Wong Designers Ltd and worked in Operations Management Department since 20l0. In 2014, she was promoted to Executive Director, dedicated to prophase planning, as well as project implementation for key projects of Asia Pacific and Greater China branches. Her outstanding abilities at resource integration and market analysis enables her to lead FF&E to create a great deal of high quality projects, including The Peninsula Ⅲ Refined Decoration Project, Glory Group Yongqing Eco-City Townhouse Project, Taihe Group Beijing East Fourth Ring Road Refined Decoration Project, Luneng Group Shandong Taishan No. 7 Sales Centre and Model Room Interior Design Project and China Merchants Group Xicheng Villa Project. Through her remarkable insight on decoration design, RWD can always maintain its international scope.

Design Director

ChiWing Wong

ChiWing Wong, has over 15 years of experience in interior design and has been predominantly working on large scale projects from inception to completion. Over the years ChiWing also developed considerable expertise other types of project covering Hotel, Residential, Food & Beverage, Yacht and Office. He shows a particular interest in the hospitality sector and has worked on numerous hospitality projects since 2002 across Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, India, Malaysia and Maldives, including, Mandarin Oriental at Wangfujing in Bejing, Intercontinental Hotel at Hongqiao in Shanghai, W Hotel in Suzhou, Shangri La Hotel in Tianjin, numerous luxury hotels at OCT East in Shenzhen, New World Hotel at Langnan in Guangzhou; Galaxy Macau & StarWorld Casino and Sofitel Luxury Hotel - Ponte 16 in Macau; Crowne Plaza at Jaipur in India; The Datai at Langkawi in Malaysia; New build Island resort in Maldives, etc. ChiWing is now leading the Hong Kong office with the company founder – Ricky Wong and responsible for featured residential projects and majority hospitality projects and featured residential projects of the company.